At Mindstream, we value time and quality of utmost importance, which is why we focus to generate high quality reports within a stipulated period of time to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction. Our Medical Transcription services are tantamount for everyone; whether it is an individual, hospitals or healthcare centers. We proffer our clients with following features and services:

Our Quality assurance team carries out a severe process of continuous testing; assessment and feedback that ensures a virtuous circle of continually improving document accuracy, enabling us to deliver documents with more than 98.5% precision to our clients.
Turn-around Time:
The client can choose from overnight (12 hours) to two working days turn-around for Medical Transcription. Premium options are available to clients for urgent reports.
Confidentiality of medical records is assured by providing secure access to files for all records. Computerized records are password protected and kept separate from other data source banks.
Data Backup and Storage System:
Our data backup and records management system enables us to protect and store crucial and valuable text documents, which can be made available as per requisition.
Cost Efficient Solutions:
Our efficacious utilizations of resources with its integration to meet the client’s requirements help us to provide efficient budgetary solutions in accordance with quality, time and money value.
We facilitate our clients with advanced and contemporary web based application technology to innovate the workflow making it more simple and sustainable.
HIPAA Compliance:
We work under regulations and guidelines maintained by HIPAA and AHDI (formerly AAMT) by way of proper authentication, authorization, data encryption, audit trials and protection of reports. In the process of receiving services from physicians, and assessing reports and summaries of such services, the personal health information of an individual is always protected in accordance with the requirements and definitions of the act.
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